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Visualizing Tweets During Election Weekend

On Sunday (Dec. 06) parliamentary elections were held in Venzuela. I took the opportunity to fetch some data from Twitter's public ...

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Quick tip: Adding Variables to env in a Virtualenv (for development purpose)

If you're working with third party APIs, you might find code like YOUR_SECRET_KEY="some secret api key" in ...

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Debian (development tips)

These are some extra steps that I've found necessary when starting development in a recently-installed Debian machine.

A Simple Django Project Layout

UPDATE: This article was originally written when Django version was 1.4. Since this article was published I made ...

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Python Audio Tools

Some days ago, I started to work on a web application that requires to encode audio wave files (.wav) into three other formats, ...

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(Local) Online Python Documentation

Today I learned about the pydoc command from Python. Even if you're offline you can access the standard library ...

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