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[Debian] Changing Docker's default /var/lib/docker directory

By default, Docker storage its files in the /var/lib/docker directory in the file system. If, like me, you're running out of disk space in the default file system, you can quickly change the default directory. This are the steps I followed in Debian 10, it should work with any distro that uses systemd

As superuser, modify the systemd docker startup script. ...

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A Quick Guide to Install Spotify in Debian 9.0

A quick guide of the steps I took to install Spotify version 1.0 in Debian 9.0. First of all, the Spotify team doesn't (officially) support the Linux version, so even if they claim to be compatible with de lastest version of Ubuntu's LTS, it tends to fall behind with the dependencies.

With a fresh install of Debian, you'll need dirmngr installed before adding the ...

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A Farewell to a Great Company

This month marks my final month as a CTO/Lead at Posma Group. It's been six years of ups and downs, working in varied and interesting projects, but most of all, working with amazing people, both coworkers and clients. In six years, we went from just the 3 cofounders to a team of 20+ between two offices, working in lots of ...

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Visualizing Tweets During Election Weekend

On Sunday (Dec. 06) parliamentary elections were held in Venzuela. I took the opportunity to fetch some data from Twitter's public stream and use graphics to show what was happening in "social media" during that day. To achieve this I relied in the Python programming language.

Posted by Luis Alberto Santana on Thursday, Dec 10, 2015

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Quick tip: Adding Variables to env in a Virtualenv (for development purpose)

If you're working with third party APIs, you might find code like YOUR_SECRET_KEY="some secret api key" in your source code, this is a bad practices for a lot of reasons (security, source code sharing, etc). Instead, the recommended way to manage this kind of situation is to add the value as a enviroment variable, and read it in your code with something like ...

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Debian (development tips)

These are some extra steps that I've found necessary when starting development in a recently-installed Debian machine.

Jpeg support in PIL and pillow.

$ sudo apt-get install libjpeg libjpeg-dev libfreetype6 libfreetype6-dev zlib1g-dev
$ ...

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A Simple Django Project Layout

UPDATE: This article was originally written when Django version was 1.4. Since this article was published I made changes based on the new features of Django. You can see some of them in this repository:

This is short ...

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Python Audio Tools

Some days ago, I started to work on a web application that requires to encode audio wave files (.wav) into three other formats, being: MP3, Flac and M4A. That encoding will run in its own Celery task.

One thing I knew for certain is that I wouldn't be running commands such as lame or flac directly.

Since the project is being written in Python, I though it would be nice to use ...

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(Local) Online Python Documentation

Today I learned about the pydoc command from Python. Even if you're offline you can access the standard library documentation running from a local copy using the command mentioned above.

Simply introduce this command in your terminal:

$ pydoc -p 8000

Then you can go to Posted by Luis Alberto Santana on Friday, Oct 15, 2010

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