About me

Hi, I'm Luis.

Welcome to my blog/personal page! I hope you will find something interesting on it. Feel free to share or comment.

I'm a long time software engineer turned engineering manager living in Mexico City since 2017.

In my career, I've been involved with most phases of software engineering, from client facing roles, product development/design, hands-on software engineering and management. My language of choice is Python, but I feel comfortable working with different programming languages and technologies. I'm interested in web development, large distributed systems, data visualization. I've worked within a few industries, like financial services (banking, fintech), retail, government institutions, music distribution startups, etc.

Currently I work as an engineering manager at Credijusto leading the Financial Core and Growth teams, and maintain a list of engineering management resources that I've found useful in my career.

In the past, I've done software engineering consulting.

Feel free to reach out.