A Farewell to a Great Company

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 08, 2016 in personal • Tagged with personal, work, posma, posma group, career

This month marks my final month as a CTO/Lead at Posma Group. It's been six years of ups and downs, working in varied and interesting projects, but most of all, working with amazing people, both coworkers and clients. In six years, we went from just the 3 cofounders to a team of 20+ between two offices, working in lots of different projects.

Thanks to all the people who helped me grow and learn along the way. It was a great experience in so many ways.

I wish all the luck to Jorge and Oscar in their aim to keep growing the company and the great team of Posma Group. I'm sure we'll work together in some project, sometime in the future!

Now, let's see what comes next!

Posma Group 2016